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The Swastika of Hindu Symbol

The Swastika is sign from days of old in the Hindu relegion. For hindu belivers it is a sign of peace and prosperity, both of religious and astronomical sign linking the sun, moon, earth and universe. The Swastika is also held as a godly sign of eternity as an energy/fire source. Most common you will see swastika at the entrances of houses to bring properity and good fortune to it's inhabitants.

The Swastika

Balinese Traditional House Compound

In accordance with the Balinese belief, they treat every object as a human being, including the planning and lay-out of their house compound. The compound is bassically devided into 3 parts on which part they build structures of different purposes. Applying the directional concept of their traditional compass, holy structures are built at the mountain-wards of the compound, such as shrines (head), in the midle yard are built all structures of living quaters (body), and at the seawards are kitchen, pigsty and remaining land where they usually throw rubbish away. A traditional Balinese compound is always enclosed by either red bricks, sand stones or adobe walls covered with thatch roof made from sedge grass or rice stubbles. The compound itself is compraise of several structures with long grass roofs.In front of the compound is the entrance gate, on both sides of the entrance walls, there are two nitches as the substitution of shrines to put offering for the evil spirit. Behind this entrance a screen wall is built to discourage evil spirits entering the house compound to trouble the family.

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Family Temple and Balinese Kitchen

Temple and Ceremonies

There are 4 concepts of temple created by Empu (priest) Kuturan who came to Bali in 11 century, such as Family temple built in every Balinese compound.Village temple built every village consists 3 temples, Puseh Temple for god of Wisnu as symbol of water, Village (Bale Agung) Temple for god of Brahma as symbol of fire and Dalem Temple for god of Siwa as symbol of the air.Occasions temple such as Uluncarik temple built in rice fields for farmers, Masceti temple for fisherman. And Public temple such as Besakih temple, Uluwatu temple and many others temple built in every direction of Bali island .

The temple anniversay will celebrate every 210 days, these calculations are regulated according to a system called Uku or Wariga, every Uku is one week (seven days) and the whole wariga year consists of 30 Ukus.
Some Bali Temples anniversary will be on every month Click Here

Purification Ceremony at the Beach
The priest blessing holy water after praying

Cremation Ceremony

A death ceremony for Bali Hindu people generally consists af three stages which are, cremation (ngaben), sanctification of the soul (memukur) and placing the santified soul in the family temple.The cremation ceremony in efect is to separate the human rough body from his soul. According to the teachings of hinduism, human bodies origimates from Panca Mahabuta 5 kinds of things that make up the wide universe, that is pertiwi (solid substance), apah (liquid substance), tejah (hot or light substance), bayu (gas substance) and akasa (ether) will be restorated to their origin the world , while the soul will be returned to it's origin god. Before the cremation ceremony takes place all things required are prepared such as among other thigs: an accessory for bathing the body, perfume to give a sweet smell to the body and other symbolic accessories, complete in male or female dress as well as other devices used for carrying the corpse. After the washing at the body, the corpse is laid on the hall where the ceremony will take place.There are private cremation and public cremation, public cremation will held by the village every 5 years and the good month do this cremation is July, August and September.

Balinese Cremation Ceremony
Balinese cremation ceremony

Video Cremation Ceremony at Banjar Mundung, Desa Abuan,
Kecamatan Susut, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali
on 21 September 2013

Video Cremation Ceremony Burning the tower (Bade) around 7pm
at the cemetary of Banjar Mundung, Desa Abuan,
Kecamatan Susut, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali
on 21 September 2013

Video Ritual Purification Ceremony - Melasti Day
traveling on truck to the beach of Batu Klotok Temple Klungkung on 7 Oct 2013
from Banjar Mundung, Desa Abuan, Kecamatan Susut, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali

Video Ritual Purification Ceremony - Melasti Day
at the beach of Batu Klotok Temple on 7 Oct 2013,
this ceremony held after Cremation Ceremony on 21 September 2013
at Banjar Mundung, Desa Abuan, Kecamatan Susut, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali

Video Rejang Dewa Dance on Ritual Purification Ceremony - Melasti Day
at the beach of Batu Klotok Temple Klungkung on 7 Oct 2013
Rejang Dewa Dance is sacred dance, perform during temple ceremony or special celebration only

Nyepi Day (Balinese New Year)

These day for fasting are the only holy days calculated according to the Hindu - Balinese solar calender and Nyepi is meant as the Hindu - Balinese New Year's day. Annually at the beginning of the tenth month or at the end of the ninth month or in March. Nyepi day is celebrated throughout Bali.
For year 2017 will clelebrate on 28th March 2017 (Caka Year 1939)

These fasting days are guided by the rotation of earth around the sun and have a mystical and coslogical meaning, the festival of lasts for three days. At the end of the ninth month, on the first day, ceremonies are carried out dedicated to the gods, charu (offering) are also given to mother earth and to all powers of the netherworld (spirit). On this day late afternoon the peoples bring the ogoh - ogoh (symbol of spirit) around to the village, to let the spirit away from the village.

On the second day, very early in the morning, before arise people begin taking a bath, which is then followed a small breakfast. Soon after sunrise, people commence fasting ceremonies and stay indoors. People are not allowed to steam rice or light fires. In the evening they may not use lamps. All people young and old, carry out fasting and may not take meals for twenty four hours. Traffic is completely stopped except for capital ambulances and policeman who are on duty, airport in Bali are closed too except in emergency flight.

Ogoh - Ogoh symbol of the evil spirit

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