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Bali Figure Painting

Our country Indonesia has rich of resources for quality handicrafts material, specially Bali island produced variety handmade export products, natural products, arts, crafts, handicrafts, woodcarving, painting, textile, jewellery, furniture, stonecarving, kites, album photo, photo frame and many other antique products. Bali island also well known with woodcarver and painter artist.

Girls and Bali landscape


Bali painting one of the various art forms popular of Bali and one most influenced by western ideas. Balinese painting have been classified into several styles such as traditional style painting, modern style painting, young style painting, young artists' style influenced by Dutch artist Arie Smit, Walter Spies and many other artist from abroad to teach Balinese to be talented painter. Balinese painter created classical or traditional painting and modern painting. In our community we sale many kind of modern painting with competitive price and high quality of arts, abstract painting, figure painting, Balinese portrait painting, Bali landscape painting, Balinese traditional style painting, fruit painting, hibiscus flowers painting, orchid flowers painting, fish painting, adenium flowers painting and other fine art painting.  Our educated painter will give you inspiration for Balinese style painting.

Balinese Girl Portrait

Fine Art Artist
Balinese Painter
In our cummunity we produce wholesale Bali woodcarving products for business, made from local wood, grow up in Bali island. This kind of wood we call Albesia wood. We produce variety of antique woodcarving reproduction elephant antique woodcarving, cat antique woodcarving, giraph woodcarving, birds woodcarving, unique design painting woodcarving and quality natural finishing woodcarving. Every people in our woodcarving community are craftsperson, we produce quality woodcarving products and we are very happy to offer business price for our woodcarving. Please feel free to contact us and we are pleased to escort you to our village, our village located about 40 minutes drive from famous Ubud tourist village with fresh cooler weather surrounding by rice fields and green plantation.
Orchid Painting
Woodcarving Products
Bird Woodcarving

You may visit Bali painting and wood carving art village when you have trip to Ubud Village

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